Nude Beach Regulars Object to Plan That Would Add Viewing Area and Charge Admission

WESTMORE – The public beach area at the south end of Lake Willoughby is a haven for bathers who enjoy some skinny dipping along with their beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere. A new plan put forth by the state would put an end to this refuge for nudity, according to beach regulars who oppose the new development.

The state plans to add a viewing area overlooking the beach, with plenty of parking, an aphrodisiac snack bar, binocular rentals, and a hefty admission fee. A representative from the state insists that this would bring in much needed income for the community, while also providing easier access to those people who want to visit the nude beach to see the naked people, but don’t want to enjoy the water, sand, scenery, or other bits of icky nature.

“I’m not really a ‘beach’ guy,” says local heterosexual white male Steve Jackson of St. Johnsbury, “but I am definitely an ‘ogle naked people’ guy. I love this idea. Other people’s bodies are there for my viewing pleasure, and it would be great to get rid of all those stupid trees and stuff blocking the sight line. Also, I like that I can stay in my car, because it personally creeps me out when people look at me.”

When asked about what they might do if the plan passes, a few clothes-less beachgoers mentioned that they might leave the area completely and head to a new spot, somewhere that no one would ever think to find naked people. Potential locations include beaches further north up the lake’s shore, or Steve Jackson’s house.

Image Credits: Kim Woodbridge.

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  1. Great idea, the cold VT water makes for very nippily conditions and the admission might be worth it. Watch out for the fence hoppers though.

  2. Hey we’re all naked under our clothes! I am selling special x-ray specs that will allow anyone to see anyone else naked anywhere anytime! Remember not to stare at one person for too long or you will burn a hole in their attire…

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