STUDY: Women’s Heist Films Receive 73% of Cast Compared to Men’s Heist Films

MONTPELIER – A new study released by independent Vermont think tank Ethan Allen Institute revealed that, on average, women’s heist films are receiving only up to 73% of the cast when compared to men’s heist films. This shocking disparity has rocked the boat of Hollywood, long considered to be the safest and most equitable place for women to work.

“The numbers don’t lie,” said project director Cindy Ma. “Ocean’s 11, a heist film centered primarily around men, received 11 cast members participating in the adventure. This week we’re seeing Ocean’s 8 come out with only 8 cast members, and these are women in this film. It’s pretty damning. And don’t even get me started on Ocean’s 12 or Ocean’s 13.”

Some have pointed out that in Ocean’s 12 the additional heist member was in fact female, and played by confirmed female Julia Roberts, but Ma was quick to respond that adding one female character doesn’t change the male-centered nature of the film.

Warner Brothers Pictures, the studio responsible for most recent heist films, defended itself online, saying “We believe that gender is a fluid social construct. We don’t see gender here. We have no idea of the gender of any of our stars, nor do we care to know this unimportant information. Our focus is on bringing you the best movies we can, regardless of the assumed genders or non-genders of our actors, actresses, and actrons.”

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