Driver on Rte. 7 South Can’t Decide Between Lane With Bus or Lane With Tractor

SOUTH BURLINGTON – A driver heading south on Route 7 in South Burlington today became flustered after a bus in their lane slowed to a stop to let passengers off and on. Commuter Harry Upliss was able to switch to the left lane to avoid the bus, but was unable to achieve his desired speed when a tractor being pulled by a pick-up truck pulled out into the road and began driving slowly.

Despite multiple lane changes Upliss was unable to get around either of the large, slow-moving vehicles, and was unable to decide which lane would eventually move more quickly. The bus generally moved at a faster pace than the tractor, but the frequent stopping just as Upliss was about to finally make his move proved frustrating and ultimately defeating.

After ten minutes of this vehicular dance, Upliss finally gave up and pulled into the Dunkin’ Donuts to wait it out. At press time he was unsure when he might try driving again.