Green Up Vermont Sets Date to Clean Up All the Litter Created By Green Up Day

MONTPELIER – Local non-profit organization Green Up Vermont has set this Saturday as the day when they are asking Vermonters to help gather up all of the litter left by Green-Up Day volunteers last weekend. While the state’s roads and parks are now free of things like cigarette butts, tin cans, random shoes, and plastic drinking straws, the landscape is now littered with discarded green bags and partially filled garbage sacks left behind by well-meaning volunteers.

“It’s kind of a two-steps forward, one step back sort of situation,” said Michael Casella, a GUV board member and general manager of one of the state’s largest waste management companies. “We certainly got a lot of trash out of the ecosystem, but now we need people’s help to find all of those green bags that seem to be all over the place.”

The bags are easily visible, due to their color and brightness, which should make finding them a quick task. Green Up Vermont does ask that people who go out searching for and retrieving the green litter try not to drop any other trash on the ground while they’re out, which could lead to the need for a third day of cleaning.