Vermonters React to Vermonters Reacting to the President

MAIDSTONE – Our top story today is the reactions that Vermonters are having to the reactions that their elected officials are having to whatever antics the President has been up to lately. Since most of what our top officials seem to do is react to national political scandals, we decided to check in with some regular Vermonters and see how they felt about the reactions.

“Ayuh, I sawrit,” said Bryce Tander, of Maidstone, VT. “Right dere onna fron’ page. Peter Welch reac’s t’the President, ‘nover here we gut the gov’ner reactin’ t’sumpin’ else he did. Seems like dose Washington boys’re doin’n’awful lotta reactin’.”

Tander says his reaction to the reactions of the congressmen and governor are mostly positive, although he was primarily checking the news because he was wondering if people thought the Celtics were going to beat the Magic on Friday.

“They did beat th’Hornets earlier in the week, but not by much,” Tander said. “Not sure if Gov’ner Scott had any thoughts ’bout that. Don’ believe it was mentioned in the article. Course you could ask ‘im if you end up seein’ ‘im I suppose, an’ then let me know.”

Tander’s wife Gal says she’s glad that her elected officials are paying attention, and she’s looking forward to more reaction from them in the coming weeks.

“Oh, Trump’ll do something stupid soon enough,” she said. “Not sure anyone can do anything about it or not, but it’s nice to know at least that people are noticing and having reactions and whatnot. You stayin’ for supper, or no?”

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  1. Newton’s Third Law says “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” So shouldn’t a reaction to a reaction be an action again?

    • Well, the opposite of a reaction would an action I guess, so you may be right! I think you are reacting to an acting of a reacting person.

  2. Exactly. So am I now reacting to your comment, or, since your comment was a reaction to my comment, am I acting in reaction to your reaction? I’ve lost track.

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