Vermont Lowers Incentive to Move to State, Hopes to Attract Less Discerning Residents

MONTPELIER – Vermont Governor Phil Scott took some heat from residents after offering out-of-staters $10,000 to move to the state, but in 2020 the prize for living in the best state in America will be only $7500. Gov. Scott announced the change, along with the new slogan for the campaign: “Better move here before it drops to $5000”

“You know, ten thousand dollars is a lot of money,” the governor said during the announcement. “I understand that. And the people that were taking that money were a little snooty, honestly. I think the kind of people we’re looking for in Vermont are the kind of people that would uproot their families and their lives for only $7500. That’s more of the potential Vermonter I’m hoping to attract.”

The state is preparing for up to 100,000 new residents, which they are sure the new price decrease will bring in droves. But, as the new slogan suggests, if sufficient numbers of young Vermonters do not suddenly appear, the price will be lower next year to $5000.

“We have a whole system in place for lowering the incentive money,” Gov. Scott said. “We’ll go down to $2500 the next year, then $1000, all the way down to fifty bucks. Do you know anyone who would move with a day’s notice for fifty bucks? That’s the kind of person we want working in our state. Just tell ’em to wait a few years, and we’ll get there.”

Vermont residents remain skeptical of the program, although they are generally in favor of lower incentives.

“When does the plan go down to zero?” asked Saint Johnsbury resident Rip Toff. “That’s how much I got when I moved here about 25 years ago. I think that might be the appropriate amount. Heck, I’ll pay half of it myself.”