Man Arrested on I-89 Had More Than Double the Legal Blood Maple Syrup Content

WILLISTON – State police arrested Randolph resident Michael “Scoops” Mitchell on Thursday evening after noting his vehicle’s excessive speed and erratic swerving pattern. A breathalyzer test revealed a blood maple syrup content of  1.9%, more than twice the legal limit of .9%.

“The amount of maple syrup in his bloodstream, there was no doubt it accelerated his driving and caused him to kind of jerk back and forth across the center line,” Officer James Poulin told reporters shortly after making the arrest. “Unfortunately, we see this kind of thing every day. I just want to say to all the kids out there, he got lucky this time. Nobody was killed. But next time, well, let’s hope there won’t be a next time. But there will be. But I hope there won’t.”

Mitchell is unconnected to the community group in Randolph who last year petitioned the state to raise the legal BMSC limit to 1%. An average Vermonter’s blood stream is composed of only .4% maple syrup, less than half the current legal limit.

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  1. The Winooski is completely ignoring the birch sap crisis going on in this state. In more than 90 percent of the maple intoxicated-accidents, birch sap was shown to be an aggrivating factor. Spring, which will be here in a little over five months, is when teen birch sap drinking goes through the roof every year. Vermont roads just won’t be safe for anyone. I demand more coverage of the birch sap crisis.

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