Vermont Man Changes Mind After Reading Well-Written Facebook Comment

CANAAN – Jerry LaPlatte of Canaan, VT has been confirmed to be the first person to change their way of thinking after reading a particularly convincing comment on the social media site Facebook. LaPlatte had begun commenting on an article about gun-control that had been posted by a friend of a friend. He had been a staunch advocate for gun rights, but after reading just one comment, LaPlatte says he has changed his mind.

“I went into that comment thread looking for a fight,” LaPlatte recalls. “I was sure that Obama was still out there somewhere looking to take my guns. But then this guy I don’t even know, he just lays out the most beautiful argument for gun control, and it completely changed my mind. His points were well researched, thought through, and well written. I couldn’t believe how wrong I had been my whole life. I’m so glad he took the time to compose that response to what I now realize was my bullheadedness and stubborn refusal to see the facts. I only wish more people would respond to ignorance online. I think it would change a lot of lives.”

LaPlatte has disposed of most of his guns, and is now leading a local activist group hoping for tighter gun laws in the state. And he says he will continue to read comments online, in case he ends up being wrong about other issues.

Image Credits: Mark Goebel.