Camel’s Hump to Add Third Hump

HUNTINGTON – In a bid to increase tourism, popular Vermont mountain Camel’s Hump has announced this week that it will add a third hump. Currently the mountain has only two humps.

“Hey, people love hiking and picnicking and snowshoeing and what have you,” said local landscape architect Alice Towe, “so they’re going to love the extra hump. That’s fifty percent more humps!” Towe did not clarify whether the existing humps would need to be shut down during construction of the new mountain peak, but she assured reporters that “three humps are better than two.”

Construction will begin on hump number three in the spring of 2018, with the hump’s completion expected sometime in 2023.

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  1. This is completely unnatural! The natural order of camels is to have the Dromedary and the Bactrian. Why should camel mountains be any different?! Leave nature the way it was intended to be–that’s what I say!

  2. Please let nature be as it is. We have invaded the plant and animal world enough in that region. Let’s not be so selfish. There are other mountains to climb.

  3. If you do 4 humps it would look more like Champ, then must do name change to Champ mountain, please consider.

  4. I live across the lake in Essex, NY. I have always called your mountain George Washington Lying Down. A third hump will give our Founding Father a paunch, perhaps even a beer belly. Have you no shame?

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