Vermont Institutes Travel Ban For Residents of Six States Known to Produce Terrorists

MONTPELIER – Gov. Phil Scott signed legislation late yesterday afternoon that would effectively ban residents of six states from entering Vermont. Gov. Scott denied that it was a ban, and said only that it was to ensure the safety of Vermonters. The ban is seen as controversial, despite the last minute amendment that would allow access to the state for those with relatives living here.

The six states whose residents are are now banned from entering Vermont are:

Arizona, the state of Jared Lee Loughner. Loughner opened fire at a supermarket in 2011, killing six people, wounding thirteen others, and putting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition after shooting her in the head.

Colorado, the state of James Eagan Holmes. Holmes killed twelve people and injured seventy more at a movie theater in 2012.

North Carolinathe state of Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.. Miller traveled to Kansas in 2014 and killed three people outside of a Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom retirement home.

Pennsylvania, the state of Eric Matthew Frein. Frein opened fire on a state police barracks with a sniper rifle in 2014, killing one officer and wounding another.

South Carolina, the state of Dylann Storm Roof. Roof murdered nine people and injured one more during a prayer service at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 2015.

Wisconsin, the state of Wade Michael Page. Page was a white supremacist who shot and killed six people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple in 2012.

Over the coming months, as the effects of the travel restrictions are observed, the state has vowed to consider expanding the ban to the other 43 states that contain possible terrorists.

Image Credits: Portengaround.

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  1. Sorry, but terrorist groups kill hundreds and thousands of innocent people because of an extreme hatred based on religion. The killings listed in the states were the result of insanity. A fine line to be sure, but there is a difference.

    • Thanks for the extra fake news! Suggesting that Islam as a religion is more violent than Christianity is quite amusing! We might use that sometime!

      • In modern times Islam is more violent. When was the last time a Christian flew planes into buildings or stoned people to death for adultery or cut limbs off because of theft? It’s in the Koran and hadiths.

        • Please send us your address so we can mail you a Bible. Once you crack it open, you will not BELIEVE how violent it is, and how many things people are supposed to be murdered for!

        • How quickly we forget all of the bombings of women’s health centers and Planned Parenthood, the sniper shootings of OB/GYN Dr’s as they were going in to work, all by supposed good Christians. Are we to believe those were not acts of terrorism committed on our home soil by fellow Americans?

          • Silly liberal – it’s not terrorism if it’s done by American Christians! In that case, it’s a mental health issue. (Sarcasm alert!)

            Hmmmm … I guess that means Americans, by definition, have mental health issues?

        • Google Christian Extremists Terrorists Groups for an extensive list of murderers in the name of Christianity.
          They have killed hundreds of people and are legal homegrown citizens of the United States.
          No ban can protect us from their wrath.

        • There have been the dragging of gays behind trucks, until they died, shootings and bombings at abortion clinics killing unrelated people by GOOD CHRISTIANS, the beating on Muslim women for just their existance by Christians, there is the straight out bigotry of exclusion by Christians at work places and schools. On and on I can go. When have you heard of American Jews doing things like This? I never here of Buddhists, Hindus, Native Americans doing these hateful actions.

        • Christianity tends to focus on widespread systemic child abuse purpetrated by its church leaders over a 70 year period.

          Execution of women for adultey for example is in the bible of which the first 5 books were written as law for the society to abide by. The Koran written c 600 ad took much if not all of its dicta from bible.
          Hundreds of thousands still die in name of Christianity secularisation and discrimination occur daily . Dispute in Northern Ireland over 40 year period is only a tiny example of how religion causes needless pain and suffering.

      • atheist here (& one w/ great admiration for the cultural warmth extended upon as
        a tourist in Muslim-dominated nations)

        You’ve got to be kidding me if you think _CURRENT_ expressions of Christian and Islamic cultures produce similar random murderers per capita. Not from the bible, or crusades.

        Speak to living among actual humans above topsoil here in century twenty-one ay dee.

        It isn’t even close, and anyone watching or listening knows it.

        Nonetheless your original post is certainly funny; hopefully there’s a good living there for you.

    • More people are killed in this country every month then have ever been killed by terrorism FACT!! We are a country that kills its own we dont need terrorists we do just fine terrorising ourselves

      • 3,000 plus people were killed on 9/11/2001. The population of the USA is around 350 million. 3,000 is very close to 1% of our population; add in all the other terrorist attacks and you’re easily over 4,000, if not 5,000. Sorry, we are NOT losing 1% of our population each month.

          • She was probably home schooled with those books showing Jesus walking with dinosaurs. She can’t help it.

        • Try moving over the decimal point, one at a time:

          350 Million:
          10% is 35 million.
          1% is 3.5 million.
          .1% is 350,000.
          .01% is 35,000
          .001% is 3500

          BTW, if we were to lost 1% of our population every month, how long before we would be expecting the last person to turn off the lights?

          Your math skills are appalling and pretty funny.

          • It’s not just less; it’s less than 1% of 1%.

            3,500,000 is 1% of 350,000,000
            35,000 is 1% of 3,500,000
            3,000 is 8.57% of 35,000

            so… 8.57 – call it 8.6% of 1% of 1%.

        • 3000 is 1% of 300,000 – not 300 million.

          As long as we’re on the subject, though – 3,000 Americans are shot to death EVERY YEAR. Where is the outrage? Why are we allowing the NRA to own Congress?

        • Rebecca, please take a calculator out or better yet, go back to grade school. Perhaps you should go back as far as 2nd grade. Your math skills are seriously lacking. Laura Graf said it best. Where is the outrage Rebecca?! You are just another ignorant (I am guessing fanatical Christian) that really needs to pay attention to what is going on in our own country.

        • Simple example:
          We all know that 25 is 25% of 100.
          If you divide 25 by 100 on a calculator (the one in your phone) it displays .25.
          Meaning, .25 is 25%. You just move the decimal point over by two for the percentage.

          Now when you divide 3,000 by 350,000,000 the result is .00000857.
          Move the decimal point over to the right by two, just as we did to get 25% from .25, and the resulting percentage is .000857%.

          Be that as it may, 3,000 still is too many people to loose to a single violent act, or series of violent acts.

        • Check your math, Rebecca. 3000 is 1% of 300,000. 300,000 / 350,000,000 equals .00857 Percent. or eight thousandth of a percent. DUH

    • Terrorism is not based on religion. It is based on people who have no regard for life. Christians have committed as many terroristic attacks around the world as Muslims. Killing the innocent to make a political point should not happen period but do not sit back and think because you are not Muslim you are not amongst the guilty.

    • Except Kim, your presidents travel ban makes no sense. Most (90%) of the terrorists that kill Americans come from Saudi Arabia – which is not on the travel ban. In fact, he was just over there bowing and scraping to the Saudi princes. Makes lots of sense eh?

      • Yeah, but they want to buy a lot of military aircraft. And who cares what they do With the arms they buy as long as they buy them from US. (I like that “US” as in you, me and the next guy or the United States!)

    • Loughner and Holmes,were insane, but the other killers listed were ideologically motivated, either by white supremacy or anti-Muslim animus (a Christisn tradition that goes back to the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades.

    • Okay, then how about Texas: Home of David Koresh who led the Branch Davidian religious group that holed up in Waco and wound up burning down his compound, killing 79 other members of his group.

    • Sorry, Kim, but religion has nothing to do with terrorism. Look it up in the dictionary. The definition of a terrorist:

      Someone who has a bomb but doesn’t have an air force.

    • Screw religion, screw reasons why. If it’s your state, then terrorism is how you define it. Go for it; now you have the idiots’ attention.

    • Please explain that difference. Killing people due to voices in your head vs killing them due to voices from the pulpit. Neither is something a sane person would do.

    • Terrorism is not inherently “based on religion.” Heck, terrorism does not even inherently require extreme hatred. The goal of terrorism is to cause fear (terror), sometimes specific, directed fear, and other times just plain fear. So if anything, “insane” people are more-so terrorists, because in a lot of the cases mentioned, they just seem to want to cause aimless mayhem in their last moments alive.

  2. Let’s be specific…. let’s ban any member of #45’s family – shitbag himself, his wife Malaria, daughter Iwanna, sons Dumb and Dumber and young Bobo

  3. Kansas should be added post haste as they have had 2 cases of terrorism in the last year alone! 1 man shot two men of Indian decent, killing one and wounding another, after inquiring as to their immigration status. Secondly, 3 men were arrested in Liberal, KS for domestic terrorism after planning to detonate a bomb at a complex housing Somali immigrants (and no, the irony of the name of the town in which this occurred is not lost on me).

  4. How about S. Dakota for their deal-making with big oil to double cross Native peoples, and send in armed militia to drive them off their land?

  5. You two big ones off the list:
    * New York – For producing president Donald Trump who has been terrorizing the common sense and good morals of all Americans
    * Kentucky – For producing Sen. Mitch McConnell, who has been terrorizing politics with his right-wing views

    • That’s where I thought this was going when I saw the headline. Though I actually like this approach better. It’s more parallel to 45’s travel ban.

    • Oh No.. please give us a pass on this.. we are quite contrite and remorseful, We did not vote for the Albino Baboon

  6. No Oregon? Seriously, dude,two men just had their throats cut by a white supremacist. The Pacific Northwest has been a haven for neo-Nazis since at least the 1980s. Rather than do something, the liberals just invited them to be on panels at the University of Oregon.

  7. Vermont forgot the group responsible for more shootings and facilitating them than any other group in the world: THE NRA.

  8. You are missing Florida, the Pulse killer 49 innocent people having fun in a nightclub. I would be sad as I love VT. But FL should be on your ban 🙂

  9. I live in North Carolina but, I go to college in Vermont. If I were to go home for a vacation, would I not be allowed back into Vermont to come back to college? What does this say for me and other people in similar situations?

  10. Washington DC. Congress and Senate are going to kill thousands by taking away their healthcare. They are already blowing up international treaties etc. Bad news that DC.

  11. Florida. When people move to Florida, they should be made to stay there, and not come back. Goodness knows what they’ll bring with them.

  12. I’m really surprised Florida isn’t on the list. But then Saudi Arabia isn’t on the list either and that’s where all but one of the 9-11 terrorists were from originally before they learned to fly in Florida… 😉

  13. Yeah, you need to add Florida. Terrorists, drug dealers, face-eaters, moronic politicians, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, religious fanatics, zombies, alien infiltrators, militant housewives, corrupt government officials, back-stabbers, weed wackers, bail jumpers, goat humpers… Seriously, Florida should be number one. (I’m a native Floridian, so no bias.)

  14. Excuse me Gov. Scott, if we start to disallow tourism in Vermont, who is going to be paying all of the lodging tax, food & beverage tax?

  15. I hope The Onion picks up on this. I submit, however, that what is needed is satirical song. It’s been over 67 years since “Charlie on the MTA” was first sung as a campaign song, before the Kingston Trio turned it into a popular hit, and now the citizens of Boston pay for “Charlie cards” when they ride the MBTA., a curious memorial to a fine ridiculous song. Could not there be some first-rate songs written about our disaster in Washington? It isn’t just the Strumpet who is entitled to sarcasm: the Majority Party does’t seem to give a good healthy damn about anyone except rich folks. A plague of ridicule should descend on the lot of them, including the Glorious Leaders in the House and Senate.

  16. A friend of mine is from PA and wants to attend the Stellafane astronomy convention in Springfield, VT later this month. Do you think you could arrange for me to vouch for him with the governor? I can swear on a Bible that he only gets violent when there’s a long spell of cloudy nights blocking out the heavens. Oh, and if you suspect that the governor might add my state of MA to the list because of this request, then please forget the whole thing!

  17. So there’s no native Vermonters who are KKK or Christian extremists? Oh! Wait! That’s entirely different than terrorists!

  18. Add residents from any Red state because they are controlled by Republicans and the Republican party has been deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Office.

  19. The Aurora theater shooter (we don’t say his name) was from California, but we have to own the Columbine shooters (we don’t say theirs either). Damn, I really liked Vermont.

  20. First of all, it’s not a “ban.” It’s extreme vetting to protect Vermonters. There is a logistical issue – I am from Kentucky originally, so I should be banned from going to Vermont (I may actually already be for other reasons, but different story). But I live in Illinois and have an Illinois driver’s license. How will you vet me?

  21. Florida should definitely be on the list. Why, we even had a guy sit on a loaded gun in his car seat and shoot his p***s! And we have a governor whose former company made a fortune cheating Medicare so hard to understand why he wants to do away with it.

  22. Very weird. Perhaps, since Mormonism got it’s start in Vermont, Vermont should be considered a terrorist state as well. Brigham Young was born in Whitingham, Vermont. Since he failed to stop the Mountain Meadows massacre in Utah when he ran the place, perhaps, due to the his origin, Vermont should put itself on the list.

  23. But Trump can’t ban people from the Middle East countries that produce terrorists?:flushed:

    This list make zero sense. Why is the People’s Republik of Kalifornia not included? Remember San Bernardino?

    And Florida, the Orlando nightclub.

    Pray tell how he’ll add all the other states? Ridiculous

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