Hinesburg to Host 2026 Olympics

HINESBURG – After months of speculation and uncertainty the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that the 2026 Winter Olympic Games will take place in Hinesburg, VT. Previously considered a long shot, the town was entered into consideration by mistake after a National Olympic Committee member attempted to submit a bid for the Chinese city of Harbin, but failed to notice that the city name had auto-corrected to Hinesburg.

Hinesburg interim Town Administrator Renae Marshall says that the town is excited to host such an important international event, but there is concern as to how to pay for it. The estimated cost to the town is currently around $6 billion, which is much higher than the annual budget of just under $3.5 million. “I don’t know how we’re going to come up with the extra six billion,” worries Marshall. “I’m thinking of applying for some grants.”

Federal money seems unlikely, as President Trump recently called the Olympics “totally pointless,” and “mega sad.” Vermont Governor Phil Scott has promised to pitch in, but it seems unlikely that he will be able to find an extra $6 billion in the budget.

“Am I nervous? Of course,” says Marshall, “but in a good way. I think we can do this. I’m setting up a GoFundMe page this week, and we’re going to begin accepting submissions for stadium designs very soon. We’ve got almost ten years to get ready. And if we have to raise taxes a little, it will be worth it in the long run.”

To cover the cost of the games, each of Hinesburg’s 4500 citizens would need to pay an extra $15,000 per year in taxes over the next nine years.


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