MTV Cribs to feature Vermont Town Clerks

CAYMAN ISLANDS – The mansion touring reality show “MTV Cribs” will be airing a new episode this September featuring the luxury homes of a select number of Vermont town clerks and treasurers. The MTV program has garnered extra local interest by devoting a full episode to small town officials and their Mega-Homes.

“We are very excited to show the world the posh lifestyles of these dedicated public servants, including one home that boasts over 24,000 square feet and an indoor pool so large it has its own island,” said Matthew Newcomb, Vice President, Integrated Marketing, MTV.

The spotlight on Vermont’s clerks and treasurers has created quite the regional buzz.  Some local residents have even been invited to a watch party hosted by one of the featured town clerks on their private yacht located in international waters.

None of the Vermont town officials featured in the program could be reached for comment and their attorneys did not return our calls.

Image Credits: VTDigger

Image Credits: Eddy 1.

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  1. Wow that crib iz totes on fleek. What about the Bakersfield Town Clerk from a few years ago? She really broke the town clerk bling movement.

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