First UMC Burlington Installs Harry Potter Themed Windows

  • BURLINGTON – In a growing competition amongst downtown churches, each looking to capture the coveted  youth demographic, Burlington’s First United Methodist Church has made an impressive statement with its new windows. In what is widely believed to be a direct response to the “Fidget Spinner Windows” currently on display at the College Street Congregational Church, First UMC Burlington, or “the red door church” as it is known by the locals, has added a bit of magic to its exterior.

The new windows over on Buell Street are in the shape of the sign of “The Deathly Hallows,” an important piece of lore from the fantasy world of Harry Potter created by British author J.K. Rowling. The symbol is made up of a vertical line bisecting an isosceles triangle containing a circle, and can be found in both the history of the fictional wizarding community as well as on the exterior of the church with the red doors.

The church had no specific comment on the windows, but said that all are welcome to share bread and butterbeer at the Lord’s table each Sunday at nine and three-quarters A.M. Dress robes not required.