Local Businesses Scramble After Halloween Moves to August 31

WILLISTON – Many businesses have been scrambling this week to get their Halloween displays out after the sudden announcement that the popular holiday has been officially moved from October to August. Candy in the shape of pumpkins, and in the size of fun, is suddenly at a premium as many Vermonters wonder if there will be enough to go around.

“I’m just glad we had a lot of the displays from last year still in the back,” said Verity Early, who does the promotional displays for most of the Shaw’s grocery stores in the state. “I know some of the other stores weren’t so lucky. Can you believe it’s the middle of August and some places don’t even have a single Halloween decoration out?”

Early wished several customers a Happy Halloween as she finished adding the spiderwebs to the edges of her display before moving on to the next Shaw’s on her list. “Just trying to get people into the spirit,” Early said as she packed up her supplies. “A lot of folks don’t know about the date change, but I think when they see all the candy and treats in the store, they’ll figure it out.”

Halloween will take place on Thursday, August 31st this year, with the Christmas season starting, in keeping with the tradition, on the day after Halloween, which this year will be September 1st.