Local Restaurant Receives Grammar Citation

PLATTSBURGH, NY – The Chat & Chew, a local eatery famous for its Groundhog Gravy & Bite-em Biscuits, has just received a warning from the New York State Agency for Acceptable Grammar that a sign on their front door is in violation of the agency’s statute 5-A.  This statute requires all commercial signage to follow proper subject object agreement. The restaurant owner, Blake Tidwell, believes this is yet another example of overreach by the grammatically correct movement.  Mr. Tidwell was quoted as saying, “This GC crap ain’t fair!”

The sign in question was confirmed to have contained some unclear wording and has been taken down. Unusually for cases involving the NYSAAG, the sign contained no misplaced apostrophes or misspellings, although a state representative warned businesses that they are “not just about apostrophes!” and that they intend to begin cracking down on all grammar crimes. “Under the new administration, grammar crimes are atrocities up with which we will not put.”

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