VT Releases List of 7 Words Banned in Official Legislation

MONTPELIER – The Vermont legislature has been advised to avoid certain words while drafting policies and legislation. This order, which came directly from the governor’s office, is intended to continue indefinitely with the purpose of streamlining the state’s laws.

The seven words that are prohibited in all future official Vermont state business are:

  • Artisanal
  • Creemee
  • Massachusetts
  • The
  • Upta
  • Wicked
  • Yup

Some of the words, such as “creemee” and “artisanal” were thought to be previously added frequently in an attempt to be more “Vermonty” and were banned for that reason.

Words like “upta,” “wicked,” and “yup” were deemed too informal, and there is some impetus to go back and amend previous laws containing these words. This will likely be a multi-year undertaking, as almost every item worked on by the legislature contains at least one of these three words.

“The” was banned after a study was done on overused words in Vermont legislation. “The” was the most used word for 23 years running, and is now prohibited for the sake of variety.

There has been no official cause given for the removal of “Massachusetts.”

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  1. I know Twitler started this word policing and condemning. But why should states like Vermont follow? Being more Liberal than him you know words are part of freedom of speech, free speech, intelligence, accurate communication, precise meaning, and overall humanity. Looking at a map of the US, yes, Vermont appears on the right, but that is the side of the map and not the “Right” denoted by political persuasion. And I do understand the forbidding of the word “Massachusetts” I guess, having lived there once and now knowing so many former school mates and other friends who now live in the Green Mountain State; and I would rather drive on any road in Vermont than on the Mass Pike!

    • First of all, this is a satire website. That means it is made up with the hope that it is humorous. Second, Trump did not ban any words. The CDC on its own, restricted certain words from being in their budget request so they wouldn’t offend certain reps/senators. They did not ban those words in their normal work. There is plenty of stupid stuff going on to be upset over without being upset over things that didn’t happen.

  2. Can you please use your powers of influence to also remove “craft” and “curated,” except as it applies to art shows? The world thanks you!

  3. I guess we’re a little late to the banned words party – better late than never. Anywho… Boston, maybe. But Massachusetts in general? Na- don’t need it. Oh, and so glad to see you spelled creemee and yup correctly. Restores my faith in this crazy mixed up world.

  4. Once more your article proves to me that Vermont is the only place in America I could live except that it is too cold. Is there a warm Vermont anywhere in the world?

  5. I’m so glad that “a-yah” was not banned, it has such a historic ring to it, and could be used to replace the “yup” in all the previous legislation without loss of meaning… Kudos to sense over sensationalism….

    • A-yah or eh-ya, however you wish to say or spell it is not part of all of VT. We Northwestern Vermonters take exception to the words used by those on the right side of the state, er, the east side, near the Connecticut River. We have our own language and dialect up here.

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