Sec. Fletcher Cleared as South Canadian Political Drama Continues

SOUTH CANADA – New evidence has come to light in the case of the UTC plant bombing.  Despite video footage showing South Canadian secretary of the treasury Alan Fletcher planting an explosive device at the Vergennes facility, the respected cabinet member is no longer a suspect in the case.

A team of South Canadian operatives, led by secretary of defense Brad Wetherby, infiltrated the plant and found,stashed nearby, a lockbox containing a latex mask of Fletcher‘s face,  among other items. Wetherby was in the U.S. illegally, and had a tense  showdown with Vermont State police at the Basin Harbor airport on Vergennes, but managed to escape and continue his investigation.

The lockbox has been taken into custody by the state of Vermont, and forensic analysis is being run on its contents. There are no current suspects in the case that are so far being made public, and police are looking for individuals who may have a motive to frame Fletcher, or would have had access to a mold of his face.

Fletcher said he is relieved to be exonerated, and says he is glad this personal nightmare is over. “I knew the truth would come out.  I’ve done nothing wrong.  And, if anyone is reading this, I’m willing to pay up to three shovelfuls of dirt for anyone who can find out who took my business cards, and a mold of my face. I feel like I would have noticed that process, so it must be someone very sneaky.”

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