Vermont Prosecutor Gets Nothing For Christmas This Year

BURLINGTON – Chief Deputy State’s Attorney for Chittenden County Justin Jiron was dismayed to find that his parents’ Christmas gifts to him did not arrive this year. Jiron had expected his parents, Patrick and Barbara Jiron, to deliver his gifts in person, but when they did not show up he became concerned.

“My parents were driving from California, and everyone here is worried,” Jiron said. “My girlfriend Mary Jane and I are still waiting. Weed hate to think that anything had happened to them. I thought we were getting a joint gift this year but, to be blunt, it never arrived. Maybe they stopped to see one of their buds? I don’t know. They’re often very late; it’s a chronic thing. I told them, doobie careful. Hopefully their car didn’t hit any major pot holes.”

Jiron intends to continue waiting for his parents’ arrival, holding out hope that his gift delivery may just be toking a little longer than usual. He says that, although he has been unable to roach them so far, he is confident that he will hear from them in the endo.

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