Delta To Allow Emotional Support Moose on Flights

BURLINGTON – Seeking to set itself apart from competitors such as United Airlines, who recently denied a woman her vitally important emotional support peacock, Delta Airlines has welcomed an emotional support moose that a man brought with him on a flight out of Burlington International Airport (BTV). The unidentified passenger was travelling to Vancouver and had a doctor’s note with him, defining the animal as a medical necessity.

According to the other passengers Delta was very accommodating, even bumping someone off the flight to give the emotional support moose its own seat next to the man. The moose was reportedly very well-behaved for most of the flight, only slightly goring one of the flight attendants during take-off. The moose drank two large bowls of Diet Coke and snacked on some alfalfa that its owner had brought for it.

A representative from Delta stressed that the airline is always happy to provide whatever their customers need, and that they would be happy to fly with other large herbivores in the future. United was not available for comment.