Keurig Announces New Dr. Pepper and Snapple Flavored Coffee

WATERBURY – Vermont beverage giant Keurig Green Mountain has announced plans to introduce new flavors of coffee after its recent acquisition of Dr. Pepper Snapple group. This summer consumers will be able to purchase coffee K-Cups with new taste combinations such as “Dr. Pepper,” “Diet Dr. Pepper,” “Lemon Snapple,” “Raspberry Snapple,” and eight other flavors. A representative from JAB, the majority owner of Keurig Green Mountain Dr. Pepper Snapple (formerly Keurig Green Mountain), says the company is thrilled to offer customers something they’ve never tried before and doesn’t plan to stop after this sale is completed.

“People drink a lot of coffee, but they don’t have enough outside-the-box options. You can see the thirst for it every fall when pumpkin spice season comes along, or in the winter with the peppermint mochas. Customers want more than just ‘light, medium, or dark’ as choices. They want some Dr. Pepper in their coffee. Or some mango iced tea. And once this kicks off there’s more coming. We’re in talks to buy Citizen Cider, Switchback, and Anheuser-Busch, which will open up a whole new world of adults-only K-Cup options.”

The mega-deal should be finalized by the end of June, and JAB hopes to have the new soda and tea flavored coffee on shelves by August.