Mount Anthony Patriots Merge With Pine Ridge Coyotes to Become the Peyotes

BENNINGTON – Citing budget concerns and a steadily declining participation rate, Mount Anthony Union High School has decided to merge their football program with the defunct Pine Ridge High School located in Williston that has been closed for several years.

”This is a fantastic opportunity,” said Mount Anthony head coach Robert Wasson. “Nobody knew what to do with the Pine Ridge stuff, and we needed something to bolster our program. We got a great deal, an influx of resources, some new players, and once Burlington and South Burlington merged, we had precedent to do this. I’ve loved coaching the Patriots, but I’m excited to start coaching the Peyotes in the fall.”

It’s unclear just what was included in the deal, as Pine Ridge never had a football team, and any former students would have graduated years ago. The distance also would presumably be an issue, as the two schools are 120 miles apart.

“I’m not worried,” Wasson said. “Those are just details. The important thing is that, this coming fall, the Peyotes are going to blow your mind.”


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