Londonderry Man Breaks 3rd Grader’s Recorder in Half as “Favor to the Community”

LONDONDERRY – Restaurant owner Ed Brown is at it again. Brown landed in legal trouble last fall after painting over a student-designed mural that sat across from his parking lot, despite his claims that “it sucked.” He has pleaded not guilty to charges of unlawful mischief, but says he “pleads guilty to being awesome.” Now he may be in for more trouble when, during an elementary school concert this weekend, he stood up and snatched a recorder away from a student who was playing “Hot Cross Buns” and snapped the instrument in half.

“I don’t get why people are so mad,” Brown said. “They should be thanking me. That kid was awful. I did everyone in that room a favor. And if they hadn’t dragged me out I would have broken everyone else’s recorders too.”

Most parents are furious with Brown for his behavior, although a few community members have shown some support. One parent who wishes to remain anonymous said that, while they cannot condone Brown’s actions, they understand where he was coming from, as the child’s rendition of “Hot Cross Buns” was pedantic and lacked emotional depth and nuance.

While the specific legal ramifications for Brown’s outburst will not be fully known for months, he is, at least for now, banned from all future school concerts until otherwise notified.

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