Vermont Students to Join National Day of Protest on March 2, 14, April 20, May 1, 7-31, and June 4-15

VERMONT – As the nation still reels from the school shooting in Florida, and Vermont comes to grips with the shooting that almost was, high school students and educators across the state are planning to join in a national walk-out as a form of protest against the violence that continues to tear through our communities.

The protest is planned for March 2nd, March 14th, April 20th, May 1st, May 7-31, and June 4-15.

“I know, it seems like a lot,” said one student, “but people just started organizing these things, and how were we supposed to pick which one to participate in? So we’re doing them all, plus some extras that we threw in.”

The students will be out protesting for most of the spring, with the exception of June 1st, which is senior skip day. The students will still not be in school on June 1st, but for an unrelated reason. If you are hoping to organize a school protest of your own, the remaining dates available are March 3-13, 15-31, April 1-19, 22-30, and May 2-6.