South Canadian Fire Department Rescues Cat From Shower

SOUTH CANADA – The newly formed fire department of South Canada has successfully completed its first emergency call, retrieving a cat that had become trapped on the top of a resident’s shower. According to its owner, the cat had jumped up onto the shower and refused to come down after several minutes of coaxing and tongue clicking. Marjorie Mullins, who is just under five feet tall, was unable to reach the cat herself, and she eventually called the SCFD for assistance.

“We were pretty happy to get the call,” said Secretary of Fire Charlie Cole. “Ever since Skunk appointed me to run the nation’s fire department I’ve been looking for something to do. Me and the boys have mostly just been sitting around. Well, I call them the boys, but they’re all girls. I mean women. Sorry. They get mad if I call them girls, so I just call them the boys. Anyways, there weren’t any fires or nothing, but then Mrs. Mullins calls us about her cat, and one of my boys, Stephanie, she says why don’t she just climb up on a chair or something, but Mrs. Mullins is about ninety years old I think, so we took the truck out, put the sirens on, and saved that cat. I think it’s nice too, for the community to see us driving around real fast in the truck. Boosts morale.”

Mullins said that she was very happy with the quick response by the SCFD, and that naughty Mr. Hugglepaws better not go up there again.