Students With No Reality TV Experience Attempt To Form Political Opinions

MONTPELIER – High school and college students across the state of Vermont are attempting to form complex and informed opinions on salient political issues, despite having no experience in reality television. They join young people from around the nation in a growing trend, as citizens demand the right to speak out about timely problems, regardless of how personally popular they themselves are globally.

Multiple Vermont high schools have begun to fly “Black Lives Matter” signs thanks to the tireless student-led campaigns, and yet none of these so-called ‘student leaders’ have ever hosted a game show in their lives, causing many to wonder how they could possibly be fit to contribute to these sorts of discussions.

University of Vermont students continue to protest the racism on their campus, although not a single one of the protesters has ever appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” resulting in many people taking their demands far less seriously.

A few of the rising student leaders have at least been given substantial sums of money from their parents, but we can find no record of any of them squandering it all and running several businesses into the ground. Bankruptcy reports seem to be non-existent, showing that these ‘leaders of tomorrow’ simply don’t have the experience to make it in politics today.

Students in Florida were recently turned away from meeting with lawmakers in their state when it was discovered that not even one of them had ever hosted a national beauty pageant before. Without these basic political credentials, it will be almost impossible to accomplish any of their political goals.

With time and dedication, the youth of Vermont may one day have what it takes to make a difference, but for now their time would be better spent on building their brand. They need to learn that the issues themselves aren’t important, compared to how much people like you and what you can spin.

Image Credits: VTDigger.