VT GOP Unveils New Slogan: “Make Vermont Slightly Better Using Methods Like In Previous Past Years”

MONPELIER – In a fundraising e-mail to subscribers and members yesterday , the Vermont GOP unveiled a new slogan and ad campaign designed to lure in conservative voters while attempting to avoid liberal criticism and comparisons to the campaign slogan used by now-president Trump.

With a stockpile of hundreds of shirts and hats bearing the acronym MVSBUMLIPPY, the Vermont Republican party is all-in with its new slogan: Make Vermont Slightly Better Using Methods Like in Previous Past Years. Former VT Rep. Paul Dame took to twitter yesterday to defend the new branding.

“If we said ‘Make Vermont Great Again,’ people would accuse us of not thinking Vermont is great right now. And of course we don’t think that it’s great, we think Vermont sucks. Look at those gun laws that got signed yesterday. But we don’t want people to think that we think that,’ Dame tweeted. “Can you imagine if we actually used that line? We’d be run out of town!”

Dame received pushback, with some questioning which parts of the past would be used to improve the state. Several white males mentioned the state in increasing decline, while those who were not white males suggested the past might not be the place to draw inspiration from.

“We can all agree that making Vermont slightly better would be a good thing, right?” Dame replied. “And maybe we could look to the past for things that used to be great, but have possibly gotten worse recently. Not the very recent past, but just previous to that. Back before the liberal elites ruined the state. Which is why I think this slogan perfectly captures what we want people to think we care about.”

Dame did not comment on how successful the fundraising campaign turned out to be, nor would he answer our questions on the correct pronunciation of “MVSBUMLIPPY.” To order shirts and hats, please contact the VT GOP directly.