Local Dog Struggles to Live Up To Warning Sign

SHAFTSBURY – Do “Beware of Dog” signs cause undue stress for peaceful pooches? According to one southern Vermont canine, the answer is a resounding “Woof.” For those who don’t speak dog, that means yes.

Slash, a pitbull who lives in Shaftsbury, enjoys long walks with his humans, snuggling under blankets, and licking exposed flesh. But he says he feels increased pressure to be fierce thanks to a new sign in the window of his home that reads “Beware of Dog.” Slash now tries to be something that a stranger might beware of, but finds it stressful and it is causing him problems sleeping.

The humans that live with Slash do not plan to take the sign down, although they sympathize with his concerns.

“I told him not to worry about it,” said the larger human with the fuzzy mouth area. “There are tons of reasons people should beware of dogs, like if they have allergies. We’re not expecting him to bite anyone.”

Slash does feel grateful for the support of the humans, but says he still feels that there is unspoken pressure to bite intruders. His therapist has recommended an emotional support animal to help with the anxiety.

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