Vermont Satire Writers Run Out of Ideas, Start Repeating Jokes

WINOOSKI – Vermont’s premiere local satire site The Winooski hit a new low yesterday when it ran an article that was an almost identical copy of an article it had run less than two months prior. The headline read “Star 92.9 Makes the Switch-Over to All Ramadan Music Today!” and it bore a striking resemblance to a headline from March 24th that read “Star 92.9 FM Switches Over to All Easter Music Today!” Readers were outraged, and took to the internet demanding to know how such a lazy mistake could have been made.

The site’s founder Adam Hall, who recently outed himself on Vermont Public Radio, denies that it was a mistake and claims that the similar headlines were intentional.

“It’s two sides of the same joke,” Hall said pretentiously. “On the one hand, if a radio station is going to be playing songs about the birth of Christ in December, why wouldn’t they switch over to Christian music at Easter as well? And coming at it from another direction, if it isn’t about Christianity at all, then why not include other religions? I think both articles hold up.”

The Winooski has run similar articles before, usually in a series like the cow strikes of 2017, or the long-running saga of the country of South Canada. But these articles, while thematically linked, do tend to have substantially different copy. Whether the site is just completely out of ideas remains to be seen, but for now readers are hoping to see something newer and funnier tomorrow.