Vermonters Able to Set Aside Differences to Focus on Important Issues

WINOOSKI – As the U.S. saw two school shootings in one day and some Vermonters vocally protested new gun laws recently signed by Governor Phil Scott, residents of the green mountain state were able to come together on Saturday and focus on what really matters, the royal wedding.

Setting aside trivial matters such as the violent deaths of our nation’s school children, the collapse of environmental regulations meant to keep us healthy, our failing educational system, and the growing opioid crisis, Vermonters turned their attention to critical details involving which foreign celebrities were wearing what and who that cellist was.

“I know we have our differences,” said Angela Fyall of Winooski, “but there’s just something about watching two people I don’t know getting married thousands of miles away that make the problems here in Vermont seems so unimportant. I mean, who cares that I can’t find safe, decent, affordable housing here in Chittenden County when famous people are kissing for real! I’ll worry about the little stuff tomorrow. Today is for me. No, it’s for all of us.”

Image Credits: Ben Birchhall/AP.

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