Gov. Scott Signs Order, Requires Construction Sites to Dig With Teaspoons

MONTPELIER – To mitigate the need for a carbon tax and to create jobs, Governor Scott signed an executive order mandating construction sites to dig with teaspoons rather than using bulldozers and shovels. This action was met with applause from construction companies, although it has not been popular among all residents of Vermont.

Some feel that city and state run construction projects already take too long, and this order has the potential to increase project times even further. But site bosses claim that this will not add undue length to construction, as many projects are approaching the boundaries of “as slow as possible” as it is.

Democrats have questioned who is going to pay for these spoons, and whether they can add the expense to property taxes, which they are hoping they raise exponentially. Republicans praised the order, saying it will help business and slow down progress, their two main platforms. The order goes into effect immediately.

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