IHOP Reveals “B” In New IHOB Name Stands For “Bad Idea”

SOUTH BURLINGTON – The International House of Pancakes, known as “IHOP” for short, has temporarily changed its name to “IHOB” and will modify signage in all restaurants including the one Vermont location at the University Mall in South Burlington. The name change has sparked some online controversy and debate over what the “B” could stand for, but the restaurant chain finally tweeted out the answer late last night.

“The B stands for Bad Idea” read the tweet that has received over 70,000 likes and retweets. Many had assumed that the “B” would stand for ‘breakfast’ as the chain tries to diversify beyond just pancakes, but most agreed that the actual significance made much more sense.

“I like it,” said twitter user @donkeywaffles23. “Changing your name is a really bad idea, it’s completely stupid, and so I think this really reflects where the company is at right now.”

“Truth in advertising!” tweeted @notabotinski12251991. “I totally will eat there now!”

Many twitter users agreed that they are more likely now to eat at the International House of Bad Idea, and with the massive press coverage, tweetstorm, satirical news articles, and customer engagement resulting from the change, it may turn out to be a good idea after all. In which case customers can expect to be eating at IHOG by the end of the year.

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