VT Supreme Court Rules Racism “Is Fine”

MONTPELIER – Vermont’s highest court ruled this week that racism is “fine,” and not in conflict with the Constitution of the United States or the guiding beliefs of our founding fathers. The case was brought to the court on appeal after a trial in Burlington, in which a judge had ruled that racism was prohibited by various non-discrimination and fair practice laws, all of which have now been struck down.

In the court’s ruling it was made clear that both racism and sexism are not only constitutionally valid but encouraged, as the wording in the document on which all of this country’s laws are founded makes several references to “men.” This specific wording eliminates both women, as well as anyone whom we have collectively dehumanized, from having any rights at all. The ruling states also that it is clear from the way in which the founding fathers lived their lives, and from other writings, that their intent was clearly to create a society in which all rights were reserved for wealthy white cis male citizens.

When the prosecutors were asked if they planned to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court after this devastating loss, they simply sighed and said, “What’s the point?”

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