Solar Panel Opponents Propose a Redesign to Match the Natural Beauty of Telephone Wires

KILLINGTON – The Killington Select Board has recently decided to move forward with a new plan that will see 18 solar panels added to the town in six different locations. The panels will have a net cost of zero, saving the town thousands of dollars over time, but not everyone is happy with the idea of more ugly technology blotting out the beautiful landscape.

“I like saving money,” said community member Anne Tagniss, “but I don’t want our natural beauty being ruined by these giant panels. Why can’t they look more like the lovely electrical wires we see all over town already. Those noble poles, the artistic jumbling of wires, both telephone and electrical, that remind me of a Jackson Pollock painting. This is what we need more of. Is there a way to make the solar panels less obtrusive, like by having them running alongside of every single road with criss-crossing wires all over our heads any time we go anywhere? Honestly, what we have now I don’t even notice. They just blend wonderfully into the landscape. What style! These solar panels need to be more like that. And don’t even get me started on wind turbines.”

The Winooski was not able to question Tagniss further, for fear of getting her started on wind turbines.

Image Credits: Killington Mountain Times.

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