Survey: 84% of Americans Don’t Know What State Vermont is In

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION – A national poll conducted by RSG (Resource Systems Group) has found that 84% of Americans are not sure which state Vermont is in, according to results published yesterday online. While normally employing data and analytics to help clients with marketing, RSG was asked by an unnamed client to delve into the national perception of Vermont, and so a broader survey was launched.

With responses from over 7,000 citizens representing each of the fifty states, the data firmly concluded that nobody knows anything about Vermont. When asked which state Vermont was in, 84% of respondents chose a state other than Vermont.

“I realize it was a trick question,” said poll creator Mark Clearlee, “but sometimes you need to catch people off guard to get to the truth. And the truth is, nobody knows where Vermont is, and I don’t think they care.”

Out of the 16% who did not choose one of the other 49 states, 9% responded that Vermont was in “Vermont,” and only 7% chose the last answer of “Vermont is its own state.”

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  1. Probably could excuse a percentage point or so, because there is a Township of Vermont in Dane County, Wisconsin. Naturally, the folks in that part of the country might think that is the Vermont the poll was asking about. Makes sense to me. By the way, these are some of the folks that got hit by that godawful flood a few days ago. They might like knowing that folks in the other Vermont can relate, and are thinking about them.

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