OPINION: Burlington High School Has a Problem With [REDACTED]

Hi, my name is [REDACTED] and I am a [REDACTED] at Burlington High School. You may have read recently that our school is having a problem with [REDACTED], and as a student on the inside, I have to tell you that this is totally true. From tests to papers, student are being [REDACTED] all the time. Honestly, the school used to be great, but every year it seems like it gets [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], and we’re at the point now where we have to speak up, even if they [REDACTED] our voices.

The [REDACTED] isn’t even the real problem. Honestly, it’s just covering up the underlying issues of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] that are keeping this school from being a great place to [REDACTED]. You can ask pretty much any of the students here, and they’ll tell you about experiences that they have personally had when they felt [REDACTED], or when some member of the administration has [REDACTED] them. It’s not the teachers. Most of them are [REDACTED]. But somewhere in the administration there is this idea that [REDACTED] isn’t a problem, and that we can just keep on with [REDACTED] as usual. This is not also just false, but it is [REDACTED].

We, the [REDACTED] of Burlington High School, are calling on our community to stand up for us and call their [REDACTED] members. Please, let them know that [REDACTED] students is not okay. We are planning a big [REDACTED] for change at [REDACTED] Park. The date and time will be [REDACTED]. I hope you will consider joining us. This may be the most important educational and constitutional crisis that our city has ever [REDACTED].

I’ve snuck out of class to try and deliver this letter, but I keep hearing footsteps behind me. I think I am being [REDACTED]. I am going to send this letter to all of the local [REDACTED]. I just hope that the [REDACTED] doesn’t have anyone working at any of these media [REDACTED]. This needs to be heard by the [REDACTED] of Burlington. It’s time for a change. So please. Stand up with us. Stand up and be [REDACTED].

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