Vermont Stores Holding Huge Bump Stock Clearance Sales This Weekend

WATERBURY – Vermont gun owners can enjoy deep discounts on certain supplies this weekend, as almost every gun and ammunition shop in the state is holding massive clearance sales on accessories like bump stocks, gunstocks that increase firing rate, and non-trigger hand firearm braces.

Parro’s Gun Shop and Police Supplies in Waterbury is offering Slide Fire bump stocks for up to 95% off, while Jay’s Gun Shop in Bristol has similar products listed for 99 cents each, a huge markdown from the original retail price of around $200.

”We have the best customers in the world, and we just wanted to do something to give back to them, you know?” said Jay’s employee Joy Hunter. When asked if the fire sales had anything to do with the fact that the state is banning the sale, use, ownership, and possession of  bump stocks as of Monday, Hunter claimed that the timing is a complete coincidence.

“We just love our customers! We’re trying to do a nice thing here. Seriously, don’t mess this up for us. And please don’t tell anyone about the ban. It would only make them sad, and our goal is happy customers.”

Image Credits: Pål Joakim Pollen.

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