Growing Obesity Epidemic Affects Vermont’s Pumpkin Population

BENSON – With society frowning on “fat-shaming,” and media campaigns aggressively promoting acceptance of all body types, health experts are struggling to find sensitive ways to deal with the obesity epidemic that continues to pose health risks to many of Vermont’s most vulnerable pumpkins. A staggering new development has brought the issue to light again, as the state has now seen its first one-ton pumpkin.

Where once a one-ton plant might have been hidden away, today the pumpkin’s owners are proudly showing off the gargantuan gourd, saying they are fighting societal stigmas regarding what a pumpkin is “supposed to” look like.

”Not every pumpkin is a perfectly round little thing shaped like a human head,” said grower Danny Boyce. “There are plenty of pumpkins out there that don’t fit the mold of what ‘beautiful’ is supposed to look like, and we want to challenge those prejudices. There is more than one shade of orange.”

Boyce says that, while he is aware of the health risks that come from such a large weight, his pumpkin is just big-seeded, and grew that way genetically. He plans on showing off the pumpkin around the state, hoping to start a national conversation around pumpkin health and the mounting societal pressure most pumpkins feel to have human faces carved into them.

Image Credits: Rutland Herald.