Local Man Accidentally Dances Like No One is Watching In Front of Large Crowd

SOUTH BURLINGTON – “Oh God, look at Dan!” “What is Dan doing?” “You guys have to see this!” Within minutes the entire room of wedding guests was gathered around the dance floor staring, mouths agape, at one of the bride’s friends from high school who was flailing in ways once thought impossible.

“I didn’t realize everyone was watching,” said local guest and spectacle Dan S. LaFleur. “I was just having fun. I mean, other people were dancing too, and ‘Gangnam Style’ is kind of my jam, so I just went for it. My eyes were closed most of the time, so I didn’t really notice that people were looking at me.”

Moving from what appeared to be an attempt at ‘The Hustle” through “The Sprinkler,” the stylistically inappropirate “Macarena,” and a new wave interpretation of “The Floss,” LaFleur drew both cheers and jeers from his sudden audience, causing his wife to return to the bar. Several videos of his dancing have already gone viral on social media, although his employer reportedly has no plans to let him go from his job.

LaFleur is hoping things will die down soon, but has not decided whether or not to continue dancing like an unhinged maniac.

“I’ve already been disinvited from my cousin’s wedding next month, but I’ve also received five or six wedding invitations from people online that I don’t even know, so we’ll see.”

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