Vermonters With Housing Subsidies Complain About Other Vermonters With Housing Subsidies

RUTLAND – Several homeowners have filed a complaint with Vermont Governor Phil Scott, pushing for a reduction in aid to lower income residents who are currently subsized through “Section 8” housing. These homeowners are demanding that their taxes not go to reduce the costs of other people’s housing.

“Welcome to the welfare state!” said Rutland resident Nat Yerz, who received a mortgage tax credit of $3,423 last year. “I never got no help from nobody, and I’m doing just fine! These leeches are sucking the rest of us dry with their entitlements!”

Holding a sign that read “Libertarian and Proud of It!” was Mia Furst, who claims that no one is entitled to help from the government. “Why should anyone else take my heard-earned money?” asked Furst, who received a first-time home buyer assistance package from the state that reduced her down payment by over $2000. “These housing subsidies are just the latest in a long line of government hand-outs for people who are too lazy to work! It needs to stop. People should pay their own way!”

Our reporters reached out to some of the folks who would be affected by these proposed cutbacks and asked them if they would like to retaliate by demanding an end to housing subsidies for higher-income resident, such as the mortgage tax credit or the home mortgage interest deduction, but all of the people we tried to reach were too busy working several jobs to comment. We received only one reply, which was texted to us, saying “Must be nice to have all that extra time to protest stuff.”

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