State Pledges Increased Funding to Develop Clean Energy “Snowlar” Panels

MONTPELIER – Vermont Governor Phil Scott has pledged to continue moving the state away from a dependence on fossil fuels by increasing state funding for the research and development of “Snowlar” panels, which will draw clean energy from the snow. Using a combination of previously developed energy generation methods, these new panels will use both the weight of the snow, as well as the run-off as it melts, to create and store electricity.

“Snow is Vermont’s most untapped natural resource,” Gov. Scott said Tuesday morning. “It’s so versatile, and yet we are wasting its true potential. Snow can turn windmills, snow can flow through small dams and move turbines, snow can warm and it can cool. These Snowlar panels, once we get them right, are going to save Vermonters a lot of money, and we’re going to create a lot of new jobs in the process.”

The Governor did not say who was going to fill those new jobs, or any of the other open jobs across the state that remain unfilled, but he assured reporters that jobs and electricity were the best ways to grow the economy, and that snow was the best way to generate both.

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