All Vermont Summer Camps Now Full For 2019 Season

WINOOSKI – To those parents who had hoped to send their children to camp next summer but haven’t yet secured a spot, you may just be out of luck. Every single summer program in the state has now been filled, with many Vermonters already starting to sign up for the 2020 season. This is a full eight days earlier than last year, and experts expect the trend to continue.

“We don’t even wait until camp is over to sign the kids up for the next year,” said Summer Levine, a counselor at Hosmer Point Camp in Crafstbury Common. “Honestly, if you haven’t signed up for next summer’s camp by the time you arrive at this summer’s camp, you probably aren’t going to get a spot.”

‘Camp Fairs’ are held across the state in the winter to try to match kids up with programs months and months in advance, but with the lack of available spots and the waiting lists that are already staring to build up years in advance, these events may become superfluous.

“I just can’t think of what kind of parent would wait until camp is only 10 months away to sign their child up for a slot!” said one parent who wishes to remain anonymous. “Probably the same kind of people who send their children to public school.”

Although all spots are full for the 2019 season, many towns will still be holding Camp Fairs over the coming months, at which parents can sign their children up for camps that will take place long after their children reach adulthood.