Comedy Writers Sue Reality For Stealing Their Material

WINOOSKI – After years of grumbling and complaining, the writers of Vermont’s premiere satire site The Winooski have filed a lawsuit against reality claiming the theft of some of its best jokes. The satire site, which bills itself as “locally-sourced, organic satire,” whatever that means, is pointing to five specific incidents that supposedly were intended to be jokes.

“Plagiarism always been a problem for comedy writers,” says founder and senior editor Adam Hall, “but it’s gotten so bad lately, we really had no choice but to file a complaint in court. We’ll work on a great satire article all week, only to find out on the day we go to publish that it has actually happened.”

The five incidents mentioned in the suit include the Vermont couple whose peacock ran off with the turkeysthe doorbell-ringing moose, the man who attempted to legally change his age, Kanye West coming out publicly for slavery, and everything Donald Trump did this year. Hall claims there are dozens of other stories he has had to change or abandon over the years after reality published them first, but the burden of proof will be on the satirists to show that reality knew about the jokes before causing them to happen.

“Oh, reality knew,” Hall says. “Reality is over here up in my business all the freakin’ time. Actually, I’m thinking of getting a restraining order against reality for harassment at this point.”

Representatives for reality say there is no merit to these claims, that they have ample evidence that reality has no idea what is going on at all, and may choose to plead insanity on reality’s behalf.

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