New Study Shows People With Horses More Likely To Talk About Horses

WEST TOPSHAM – A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center in Washington D.C. has concluded that people who own horses are more likely to talk or post about horses than any other subject. Data compiled from Facebook posts, Instagram albums, and Twitter feeds shows a 96% chance that horse owners have posted something about horses on any given day, surpassing even the 94% chance that cat owners have posted something about cats.

We spoke with Morgan Haflinger at the Belle Ridge Farm in West Topsham, VT, who confirmed anecdotally what the study reports.

“I do know a lot of horse people,” Haflinger said, “although we don’t like to be called horse people by non-horse people, make sure you put that in there. Anyways, I figure horse people are about the proudest group of folks I know. Check out their profile pictures online. You’re probably gonna see a horse. Talk to them over the holidays. I bet you hear about their horse.”

Haflinger likens owning a horse to joining a fraternity or a sorority. “Think of ’em as the most expensive best friend you ever bought!”

Pushback against the claims that horse owners have edged out cat owners were dismissed after data was revealed showing that many cat memes are posted by non-cat owners.

“Yes, you see more cat stuff online, but everyone is posting cat videos and photos,” said a Pew representative. “But nobody is posting anything about horses unless they own one, or are planning to own one.”

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