VPR Adds New Station That Plays Only Birdsong

COLCHESTER – Fed up with the fact that people’s loud radios drown out bird song, Vermont avian species are teaming up with Vermont Public Radio affiliates across the state to develop a new station called WJAY to showcase the seasonal calls of our feathered friends.

With the holidays upon us, some enterprising birds at WBTN in Bennington have flown to success with their wildly popular segment “Four Call-In Birds” Inspired by The View, cohosts Herman Thrush, Chick Adee, Bob White and Goldy Finch, chirp about bird-themed gift ideas for loved ones. “Local bird feeder sales have doubled since we started airing in mid-November,” they crowed.

Meanwhile, in partnership with Vermont Public Television, other local species are developing a program called “This Birdhouse.” Modeled after a home renovation show, host Byrd Birdan will explain to humans how to re-purpose would-be trash to make bird habitats.

Human spokesperson for the cross-media venture, Ray Dio mused, “By doing this, we’re kinda killing two birds with one stone: educating people about our winged buddies and garnering a greater audience.”

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