Boardway & Cilley Funeral Home To Offer Mini Musicals Celebrating Lives of Recently Deceased

CHELSEA – In an new twist on the current trend of making musicals out of things that clearly weren’t meant to be musicals, a funeral parlor in Chelsea, VT will now be offering musical funerals depicting the lives of the recently deceased as part of a new service. Boardway and Cilley Funeral Home will offer a new package called “Broadway and Singing” in which their staff will act and sing through a thirty minute retelling of the life of whomever is being celebrated at the time. Family members will have the option to choose various styles, from Sondheim to Disney, and can even contribute lyrics via an online submission form.

“One of the more common things we hear from grieving families is that they aren’t sure which music would be appropriate at services,” says BCFH employee Morty Douleur. “We often have to help them choose the tunes that would best fit the person they are mourning, and this is just one step beyond that. It’s the perfect service for those planning a service.”

Many have questioned if this type of memorial is appropriate for such a somber occasion, but Douleur isn’t worried. “Sure, you have to wonder if it’s in good taste. We wondered the same thing. But then we saw that they’re making a musical out of Magic Mike, that male stripper film? So I think we’re good.”

Discounts are offered to those whose lives have already been immortalized in music, such as Jerry Springer or Octomom.

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