State Touts New Insurance Plan: “Most of Our Bridges Are Covered”

MONTPELIER – Governor Phil Scott is claiming a win for his administration after negotiating a new deal in insure Vermont’s infrastructure. Previous policies did not cover extensive roadwork due to frost heaves or many expenses related to the upkeep of the state’s many bridges. Under the new plan, Vermont will have more covered bridges than any other state in the country.

“We’re pleased to announce that under our new statewide infrastructure coverage, we will be able to repair or replace most of our roads and bridges as needed,” Gov. Scott said in a press conference on Friday. “With the January 1 deadline approaching, my staff and I have put in extra hours this week to ensure that the state will have fully covered bridges over the coming year.”

Insurance adjusters working on Vermont’s policy have hinted that there may be more than one meaning to the term “covered bridges” in the document, but have not said how that might affect coverage or potential payouts. “I’m not worried about it,” Gov. Scott said in response to a related question. “I trust the insurance company. They’re a business. They would never do anything to hurt Vermont or its people. How could you not trust a business?”

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