Vermont Company Begins Manufacturing Teeny Tiny Houses

MORRISVILLE – The tiny house movement has been gaining momentum over the past few years, and now there is a new, smaller option for those looking to downsize their space. A Morrisville-based company recently registered with the state to create Teeny Tiny Houses. These new houses will be much smaller than traditional tiny houses, and will be for people looking to “truly embrace the minimalist lifestyle,” according to their website.

Company founder Lilly Phusion claims that even the tiny houses are not fully carbon neutral. “Have you seen some of these places?” she asks. “Four hundred square feet? Might as well be mansions. How many square feet are you? Not four hundred, I can tell you that right now. So why do you need so much room? It’s absurd.”

Phusion’s Teeny Tiny Houses have been designed with fifty square feet of usable space, and the low ceilings are insulated against temperatures downs to 100 degrees below zero. The solar panels on the roof provide all the electricity needed to run the dwelling, and a composting toilet sits underneath the floor of the one room.

“Yes, you have to crawl to get in,” Phusion admits, “but why do you want to be standing around inside anyway? There is a great big beautiful outdoors to enjoy if you’re going to be on your feet! When you get home, don’t you just want to relax, crawl into bed, have some food drop into your mouth, and not worry about getting up to go to the bathroom? The toilet is designed to be used from a lying down position, and that’s all you have room for anyway. It really combines all your necessary activities into one easy living space.”

Teeny Tiny Houses retail for just under $10,000, making them a very affordable alternative to larger homes. They are easy to assemble, and can be placed in backyards, state parks, under neighbors’ bushes, or even in your office next to your desk.

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