Third Grader Starts GoFundMe to Attend Stranger’s Birthday Party in Boston

HARDWICK – After accidentally receiving an invitation to a birthday party for a child he does not know, a local boy is receiving help from other strangers online to be able to attend the festivities. Becca Kant received an e-mail asking if her 8-year-old son Noah would be able to attend a birthday party for Jayden, but the e-mail was sent to the wrong address.

“I asked Noah if he wanted to go to Jayden’s party, and he told me he didn’t know anyone named Jayden,” Becca says on the GoFundMe page. “But he also told me he’d really like to go. He doesn’t get invited to a lot of birthday parties.”

When Becca wrote back to inquire about the address for the party, she found out about the mistake, and that the birthday boy lived just outside of Boston. Jayden’s mother apologized for the error, and said that of course Noah was still welcome to come. That’s when the internet kicked in.

“I know this sort of thing has worked before,” Becca told the internet, “so we’re asking for your help to fly me and Noah to Boston for the party in a few weeks.” Within hours the campaign had raised over $27,000, which more than paid for the trip.

The Kant’s have pledged to spend any extra money raised beyond their initial goal of $750 on a birthday gift for Jayden. So far they have purchased a Nintendo Switch with every available game and accessory, as well as a complete set of Star Wars Lego sets, including the DeTh Star. With money still pouring in, Jayden is going to have a very happy birthday indeed. And perhaps a new friend.

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