Vermont Racists Frustrated Over Inability to Be Prosecuted

MONTPELIER – Concern has arisen among Vermont’s top racists after an announcement from state Attorney General TJ Donovan that he will not prosecute anyone involved in the attacks that led to Kiah Morris, the state’s only female African-American representative to resign. Many feel at this point that there is nothing they can do to be prosecuted.

“We really tried our best,” said the whitest, straightest man we have ever seen. “A lot of us really like being prosecuted. Makes us feel important and powerful, you know? But at this point I’m not sure where we go. We tried online harassment and threats, we broke into her house and car, we tried vandalism, but still we just got away with it free and clear. It just shows how hard it is for white men these days to accomplish things. It’s a tough world for us out there.”

Some racists are planning to leave more evidence around crime scenes, while others may start using their real names online in hopes of being held accountable for their actions.

“It’s a cry for help,” said Twitter user MAGAVTPower. “Honestly, we want to be told to stop, because we can’t stop ourselves. But nobody will take us to task. I blame the cuck Democrats for their weakness. Just take us down already! Grow a pair!”

Vermont Democrats responded to the complaints by promising to hold more sensitivity training, and several party leaders are reportedly working on an important informational poster.

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