Saint Michael’s College to Downsize and Merge With University of Phoenix Online

COLCHESTER – Following the news of the closure of Green Mountain College this week, a second Vermont college has announced it will scale back operations next year due to decling enrollment. Saint Michael’s College in Colchester is planning to close down most of the campus this summer, allowing current students to complete their educations via a partnership with University Phoenix Online.

Instead of dormitories and academic buildings, the college will now consist of kiosks that connect directly to their new digital alma mater, enabling students to complete coursework in the new SMC building which will be located in the Dunkin’ Donuts on Rte. 15.

“This is really going to save everyone a lot of money,” said freshman SMC President Lorraine Sterritt. “We’re going to reduce costs, and we’re going to pass that savings on to the students. I am proud to announce that tuition will be reduced next year by 8%, to reflect this new reality. I think people will be pleased with this next chapter for Saint Mike’s. It’s a win for everyone.”

The SMC campus has been purchased in its entirety by Skip Vallee, who plans to build the state’s largest Maplefields on the property. The construction has been approved by the city, pending the resolution of a complaint against the plans filed by Costco.

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